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Company Profile

AMCEST is a New Jersey based corporation, founded in 1975, providing alarm and emergency monitoring service. The operation is listed with, and regulated by, Underwriters' Laboratories for Protective Signaling (UL #S2299).

A Technology Leader

AMCEST Corporation has the proven experience and technical capacity to deliver high caliber emergency monitoring service. Of particular note is our unique safeguarding of communications to and from Amcest headquarters. Multiple fiber optic telephone lines, coming into and out of Amcest from diverse paths, are supported by two different long distance carriers. This ensures redundancy and precludes any one supplier, telephone company substation or physical cable from causing an interruption of service.


There are independent uninterruptable power supplies for the digital PBX, receiving equipment, TANDEM mainframe and PC LAN systems. This is in addition to the gas fed back-up generator which supports the total power requirements of the building in the event of blackout or brownout.


There are unique custom software programs to maintain the flow of emergency dispatching in the event of national or regional disasters. For example, a program called Storm Mode enables AMCEST senior supervisors to prevent non-emergency signals, such as those caused by power outages, from being presented to dispatchers. Thereby, only emergency signals are processed during storms, earthquakes and other disasters.


The AMCEST disaster recovery plan, filed with Underwriters' Laboratories, includes both a local and geographically remote hot back-up site.




 AMCEST formed a division d.b.a. PERSYS, for providing complete programs in the medical response field. Currently, PERSYS is one of the larger vendors in the PERS industry, having provided this needed service to tens of thousands of clients. PERSYS provides its goods and services through the largest network of home healthcare organizations throughout the United States.


 Amcest began providing wireless security solutions. Currently, AMCEST serves local area radio networks, with Ademco AlarmNet, Mobitex transmissions with SafetyNet, and cellular services with Uplink, Tellular, and Ademco. AMCEST distributes radio and telemetry products to the professional security and communications industries.


Amtraco Ltd. was formed by Leonard Rosenfeld as a separate corporation, with a mission to provide funding to Amcest dealers. Currently, Amtraco Ltd. provides capital to independent alarm companies through leasing, acquisition, and loans.

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