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Our Personal Emergency Reponse System, (PERSYS) creates a safer at-home environment for you.


A personal portble transmitter can be worn as a pendant, like a beeper, or worn around the wrist like a watch, clipped to a belt. A table top console instantly relays your emergency call through telephone lines to our 24 hour, 7 day a week professionally staffed monitoring station. The computer system automatically identifies and displays your information. Round the clock monitoring personnel instantly take the appropriate response action. All within moments.


Now people throughout America enjoy the comfort that help is just a touch away.


its as simple as 1..2..3..

1. Upon receipt of a medical alarm at the Emergency Response Center, the monitoring operator attempts to establish contact with the individual.


"This is your PERSYS operator, we've just received your emergency signal. How can I help you? . . ." is a typical response.


The individual's answer helps identify the nature of the problem. This communication reassures the individual that the "critical event" signal has been received and help will be sent.


2. Once the medical emergency has been confirmed by voice communication (or if the individual is unable to speak), the computer screen immediately displays the individual's previously recorded location and other particulars. This data, as well as any relayed to the appropriate responder.


3. Notification continues as the PERSYS operator calls a customized list consisting of relatives, friends, neighbors and especially those entrusted with a key who can gain entry, offer immediate assistance and provide additional information to the responder.

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