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technical dept.

The AMCEST Computer Department created custom software used by all of the other departments. The primary server is a model K1000 Non-stop mainframe from Tandem Corporation, employed for its transactional capacity. A Tandem VLX system acts as on-site backup in the unlikely event that the primary system fails. An Oracle database is used to supply data access to website users.

All responses are automated. Critical events of each signal received are archived, detailing the time to the second. The automation systems are tied to the PBX, auto-dialing and recording each verbal or electronic response. The duration of each call and the number dialed is thereby provided.

Electronic Communication is accomplished by facsimile, dial up modem, or via the Internet. Hard copy records are sent via fax or email in either real time or batched daily. A custom software program called AMTRAC enables service providers, and their clients, to access alarm history via modem.

Secure Internet access allows individuals access to the same data base and real time information. AMCEST uses a T-1 for  Internet access to support in-house web and e-mail hosting. AMCEST's Web presence is a tool for dealers and customers to conduct business and share information.

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