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monitoring dept. 

There are currently 92 employees providing monitoring service at Amcest. The 8 supervisors and 12 assistant supervisors manage three eight hour shifts, 365 days a year. Several senior supervisors have had specialty PERS training; National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch and University of Utah Emergency Medical Dispatch.


The training of new monitoring agents is conducted by supervisors who follow the AMCEST in-house course created by an APCO Certified Instructor. This two week intensive training is completed by a week of observing senior dispatching agents in a live environment. On-going monitoring agent education is provided by in-house instruction and seminars conducted by manufacturers representatives.


Monitoring agent activity is video and audio recorded. These recordings are used to maintain quality assurance of monitoring agent performance. A monthly review of each agent is conducted. Bonuses and other rewards are granted for exemplary performance.

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