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customer service dept.

The responsibilities of the Customer Service Department are critical for the overall flow of operations. Perception of program performance is gauged by the ability of the staff to guide new client intake, handle routine inquiries and deal courteously with client concerns.


Each customer service agent is specifically trained in dealing effectively with the unique requirements of the client. For Persys that means speaking slowly and carefully, without appearing condescending, to typically elderly clients. A client stuck in an elevator is given firm assurance that help is on its way. A fire marshall or inspector is addressed with the degree of deference their position demands, and alarm dealers, requiring quick, accurate access to information, are handled accordingly.


The high caliber of the AMCEST customer service staff is a function of extensive in-house training and the ability to access all computer records. Customer service agents are culled from other Corporate departments because they must be fluent in all aspects of the operation and have demonstrated diplomatic skills in the most trying situations

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