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Amcest provides its dealers with services and support that are industry recognized as the best in class. Press the button below, and answer the simple question to access more information on Amcest's commitment to our dealers.



Existing Dealers - Secure Data


Amcest provides complete event information viewing from our website, special service packages, discounted products, exclusive dealer website development, and tips and strategies for your business.

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Dealer Billing Plans to meet your needs.

  • Annually

  • Quarterly

  • Semi-Annually

  • Monthly

Consumer Billing - It makes more than cents to have Amcest bill for you.

  • On time

  • In your name

  • Customized marketing messages

  • Reports


Amcest Tracking Benefits

  • Real Time data Retrieval

  • Save installation time in the field

  • Record test signals for liability reduction

  • View response protocol for accuracy

  • Create customized reports...

  • Generate revenue

  • High level security, yet accessible from any location


Trained in All Areas, Amcest's techs are superior because we offer for all your equipment:

  • Programming

  • Touble shooting

  • Downloading

  • Sourcing


  • Low Cost Marketing

  • Homecare Networking

  • Existing Clientele

  • Rent Free Retail Outlets

Equipment Features

  • FDA Listed Device

  • UL Listed Healthcare<

  • Voice and Standard

  • High Profit Margins

  • Sales or Rental Revenue

  • Dispatch Experience

  • Medical Data Entry

  • UL Listed

PERSYS Sales & Marketing Support

  • 5 + 2 Video

  • 5 Minute Presentation

  • Sixty second Commercials

  • Specimen Documents (Lease/Rental/Sales/Monitoring)

  • Retail Display

  • Unlimited Live Demos

  • Customized Marketing Manual

  • Proven plan

  • Telephone and sales scripts

  • Ad mats, PR letters and more

  • Consumer Literature (Flyers/Brochures/Mailers)



  • Two Fiber Optic Routes\

  • Dual ISDN's

  • Two carriers in/out

  • AT&T-MCI

  • Two phone switch stations

  • Two cellular carriers

  • Over 100 backup copper lines


The Friendly Financier

Money for...

  • Operating capital

  • Overhead

  • Payroll

Our Reason for Being is to provide a safe, reliable source of funding for Amcest alarm dealers. 

Loan Program

Amtraco will lend you money at a low rate of interest and direct bill your accounts until the loan is paid up. Your accounts remain yours.


Amtraco acquires your accounts on a temporary basis. We direct bill the accounts for thirty-six months. After the three years, the accounts are returned to you.

Account Acquisition

Amtraco acquires your accounts. We pay a real multiple. Within sixteen months you can repurchase the accounts for the same or lesser amount.

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