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fleet tracking

With GPS and video based platforms, you can track your vehicles, equipment, and other mobile assets. Fleet tracking is about so much more than just locations, it’s about solving real business challenges.

How does Amcest solve real business challenges?

We understand that every business is unique. You face different challenges and have different needs in order to succeed at what you do. That’s why we tailor our fleet tracking monitoring to meet your exact business needs. We provide the specific information you need to reduce operating expenses, reduce risk, and ultimately increase your revenue.

WFH Setup

Solve Business Challenges with Fleet Tracking

Globotrac's industry-leading fleet vehicle tracking software is designed for quick implementation, ease of use, high automation, and actionable information.

A fleet GPS + video tracking device is placed in a vehicle and uses GPS to constantly and automatically determine its location. This location data is then sent to a central database at GPS Insight.

The location data is displayed on a map in near real-time and analyzed by GPS Insight to convert data into useful and actionable information. The complexity of getting the data to you is all done in the background, out of sight.

All you have to do as a fleet manager is login and review the information most important to you. 

Let Amcest handle the real time monitoring of your fleets with agents on call 24/7 in our UL listed monitoring station.

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